Using LibGDX with MOE 1.3.0 beta 1

We just released the first beta of MOE 1.3 with tons of new features.

As mentioned in the release announcement, MOE 1.3 includes a tool to upgrade the Xcode part of a MOE 1.2 project without manual intervention.

In this blog post we will look at how a project created by the LibGDX 1.9.5 setup tool can be upgraded to use MOE 1.3. If you already have a MOE 1.2 based LibGDX project, you may follow the following guide to upgrade it as well.

This guide assumes, that you already installed the MOE 1.3 versions of your IDE plugins.

Create your MOE based LibGDX project

  1. Download the latest setup tool from the LibGDX project website.
  2. Create your new LibGDX project by running the tool from the command line.

     java -jar gdx-setup.jar
  3. Follow the instructions of the setup tool. Make sure you select the ios-moe platform to create the MOE based iOS module.

Edit the Gradle project files

  1. In the top level build.gradle file change the moe-gradle plugin version to 1.3.0-beta-1
  2. In the ios-moe module change the moe section in the build.gradle file as follows:
moe {
    xcode {
      project 'xcode/ios-moe.xcodeproj'
      mainTarget 'ios-moe'
      testTarget 'ios-moe-Test'

Update the Xcode project

  1. Import the updated project into your favorite IDE
  2. Right click on the ios-moe module and use the Multi-OS Engine Actions > Inject/Refresh Xcode Project Settings

Ready to Run

Now your project should be ready for MOE 1.3. Launch from your IDE and Enjoy!

Note: If you have not used MOE before, then you will need to set up code signing. Follow the instructions on the MOE Website on how to set the default team for developer signing.

Request for Comments

We designed MOE 1.3 based on the requests and reports from the MOE Community. We hope, that you will like these new features, and they will make your life easier as a developer.

As always, leave your comments below, so we will know your opinion on all the changes and plans. The development of MOE is based on the requirements of the community, so we are open to discuss any changes in direction or features for future releases.

If you need a specific feature in MOE, you may consider contracting Migeran, the core developers and project lead of the MOE project to develop it.

Also, if you are working on a commercial project with MOE, Migeran offers commercial support, including live online support with Migeran’s top engineers. Contact Migeran for more details.


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