The Multi-OS Engine is Open Source


The Multi-OS Engine is the only full featured solution to develop iOS Apps in Java. It was developed by Intel, based on ART, the Android runtime. The Multi-OS Engine includes the technology acquired from Migeran’s Migeran for iOS product.

The Multi-OS Engine source code is freely available under the Apache 2 license. The Multi-OS Engine will be developed and maintained as an open source project with Migeran as the project lead.

What is Included in the Release

  • Intel released everything that was included in the latest public Intel Multi-OS Engine build (version 1.0.702), including:
    • MOE Runtime
    • Development tools
    • Nat/J including the automated binding generator
    • Android Studio / IDEA plugins
    • Sample codes
  • Intel also released new, not yet published features, including:
    • the in-development version of the new LLVM / Bitcode compiler backend (including preliminary Windows target support)
    • C++ support for Nat/J

To try out this first release, just follow the instructions on the Get Started page.

The Immediate Future

After the initial release, Migeran will continue with the setup of the project infrastructure, including:

  • A new Gradle build plugin and Maven based SDK distribution system
  • Code review system
  • Continuous Integration server

Migeran will also work on fixing any known issues and add new features:

  • Maven build plugin
  • Eclipse IDE support
  • Linux support
  • LLVM based compiler backend for Bitcode support, with a platform update to the Android “N” series

We are also looking forward to valuable contributions from the Community. If you are interested in contributing, let’s discuss it on the forum.

Next Steps

  • Try out MOE now on the Get Started page.
  • The best place to discuss MOE is our community forums, please join us there.
  • Spread the Word: Use the links below to share the news about MOE with the world


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