MOE 1.2.x: Patch Releases

We released a few patch releases for the MOE 1.2 series, but these did not get a separate announcement. From now on, we will announce every patch release here on our blog as well.

Please read on for more information on the changes that were introduced by each patch release.

To update from an earlier MOE 1.2 SDK / Gradle plugin version, you should run Gradle with the --refresh-dependencies option.

The IDE plugins can be updated using the standard plugin update mechanism from inside the IDE. (IDE plugin versions may differ from SDK versions.)

MOE SDK / Gradle Plugin


  • Fixed compare flag clobbering in the arm64 Quick compiler backend


  • Nat/J: Be more flexible when matching Objective-C class hierarchies to Java
    • This was required to handle class hierarchy differences between iOS 9 and iOS 10 gracefully.


  • Source code of the MOE Java libraries (Core and iOS bindings) are now included in the SDK to enable a better debugging experience.


  • Fixed MOE runtime initialization (mmap logic for art and oat segments)
  • Fixed Xcode 7 compatibility

MOE IntelliJ / Android Studio Plugin


  • Changed Gradle global settings, added separate log and stacktrace settings
  • Fixed some issues: disposed module, NullPointerExceptions, Synchronize to Xcode, device list population
  • Added Device Chooser Dialog to launch configuration


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