MOE Roadmap 2016 - 2017 Winter

While the MOE project blog was not updated in the last couple of weeks, the team was working hard to get the next releases of MOE out the door.

In this blog post we will outline our plans for the next couple of months.

The Road So Far

Since the start of the Multi-OS Engine Open Source Project we made a number of releases:

  • 08/2016 MOE 1.0
    • Initial Open Source Release
    • Released by Intel
    • Open-sourced both the stable branch and also the development branch (Android 7 based)
  • 08/2016 MOE 1.1
    • Moved to Maven based distribution
    • New Gradle Plugin
    • First Release by Migeran
  • 09/2016 MOE 1.2
    • Eclipse & Maven Support
    • Retired Multi-OS Engine UI Designer
    • Xcode 8 and iOS 10 support
    • Deprecated build-time Xcode project generation
  • 10/2016, 11/2016 MOE 1.2.x patch releases
    • Various bug fixes and convenience features
    • MOE 1.2.5 was released on 2016-11-28

Exciting Times Ahead

We are planning a number of releases in the next months:

  • 12/2016 MOE 1.3 beta 1
  • 01/2017 MOE 1.3 final
  • 01/2017 MOE 2.0 alpha 1
  • 02/2017 MOE 1.4
  • Q1/2017 MOE 2.0 beta
  • H1/2017 MOE 2.0 final

What is planned for MOE 1.3

MOE 1.3 is a huge update, it includes:

  • Redesigned Xcode Project Layout
  • Support for native dependency management frameworks (e.g. CocoaPods or Carthage)
  • Redesigned native library binding handling
  • Standard MOE Bindings
  • Redesigned Storyboard integration
  • and more!

In fact, we prepared another blog post to provide details about the new features of MOE 1.3 and beyond. Read on here for all the cool, new stuff!.

What is planned for MOE 2.0

MOE 2.0 will have 2 main features:

  • Update to Android 7
  • Jack will be used as the main toolchain, including ProGuard support
  • The introduction of the LLVM based compiler backend for Bitcode support

Despite the big internal changes, MOE 2.x will be mostly a drop-in replacement from the app developer’s point of view.

We will provide more details of the new features in future blog posts.

Request for Comments

We designed the MOE Roadmap based on the requests and reports from the MOE Community. We hope, that you will like these new features, and they will make your life easier as a developer.

As always, leave your comments below, so we will know your opinion on all the changes and plans. The development of MOE is based on the requirements of the community, so we are open to discuss any changes in direction or features for future releases.

If you need a specific feature in MOE, you may consider contracting Migeran, the core developers and project lead of the MOE project to develop it.

Also, if you are working on a commercial project with MOE, Migeran offers commercial support, including live online support with Migeran’s top engineers. Contact Migeran for more details.


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